The hope of Press Pause Ministries is that individuals, groups and organizations would learn to implement pause in their lives so they can experience God in a more personal and transformative way.


Why do we care?

Our lives in this 21st century are busy and full to the degree that the thought of slowing our pace escapes us, and the possibility of empty space in our lives is more myth than reality. Too many of us feel that the walls are closing in and the margins of life are small to non-existent. The Creator has woven into the fabric of His relationship with humanity words like Sabbath, rest, waiting and stillness. All these seem to suggest the cessation of movement or activity.

Psalm 118:5
“When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord and He brought me into a spacious place.”

When we pause with God long enough to hear His voice, learn about ourselves, and experience transformation, we actually discover His spacious place of life and love and become more effective ministers of His good news. We believe that helping people and organizations learn to pause to be with the Lord will result in greater spiritual health, thus causing their personal and organizational lives to flourish.

Press presspause_icon1 now so that you might experience God’s transforming presence.


Jon Byron

Jon Byron is a gifted conference and retreat speaker, singer/songwriter and spiritual director who is able to combine gentle humor, strong Biblical content and practical application into challenging messages. He served for nine years as Pastor of Spiritual Direction on the staff at Big Valley Grace Community Church in Modesto, CA. He also has ministered nationally and internationally through concerts, teaching, evangelizing, and spiritual direction. He has written and produced several recordings including his most recent, “All I Really Need.”

Among his other activities he is a founding member of The Leadership Institute and presently serves on the faculty. Jon travels and ministers on behalf of Press Pause Ministries encouraging individuals and groups to pause and experience God’s transforming presence. He says of himself, “I’m learning each day the necessity and joy of pressing pause to create space in my life to experience the Lord.”

Jon is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and the Monastery of the Risen Christ School for Spiritual Directors. He is married to Francie and they have three children and seven grandchildren.

Statement of Faith

We believe in one God, Creator, personal and triune.

  • We believe in the full authority of the Scriptures.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ, being fully God, became fully human by taking on human flesh through the virgin birth.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ accomplished redemption by His atoning death and bodily resurrection and now lives in glory and will return again.
  • We believe that all who receive Jesus Christ by faith as their own Savior are saved not by personal merit but by Christ’s death and resurrection.
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells and empowers every believer that each may be conformed to the image of Christ and united in the fellowship of the Body of Christ, the Church.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ has commissioned all believers to be disciples and then to make disciples, proclaiming the Gospel and expressing God’s mercy and justice to all peoples everywhere.

Services from Press Pause Ministries

Desiring to be attentive to the Holy Spirit and the needs of those to whom we minister we offer a variety of services to help encourage pressing pause.

  • Concerts
  • Bible Teaching/Preaching
  • Teaching and Leading regarding Spiritual Practices
    • Lectio Divina (the devotional reading of Scripture)
    • Solitude and Silence
    • Spiritual Direction (the invitation to a relationship of co-listening for Spirit-led guidance)
    • Experiential Devotions
  • Spiritual Writing
  • Leading Day and Weekend Retreats

These types of experiences could be offered
in contexts like:

  • Church Services or Programs
  • House Concerts (or other venues)
  • Weekend and Day Retreat Opportunities (such as the Press Pause Ministries “Be Still” day retreat, the Leadership Institutes “Journey” retreat, or Mount Hermon’s “Press Pause” Men’s Retreat)
  • Small Cluster/Bible Study Groups
  • Spiritual Direction Appointments
  • Leadership/Staff Retreats and Times of Refreshment
For further information on scheduling Jon for an event please email Jon Byron through the Contact Form.

What People Are Saying

“I’ve known Jon since I was a young college pastor just starting out in ministry. He’s been a spiritual friend and encourager in my life since then. I admire his gracious, wise and resourceful soul. His ministry is a wonderful and rare combination of musical talent, speaking gifts and a spiritual director’s wisdom. I highly recommend his ministry to you. I have benefitted from it more than I know how to express.”
Alan Fadling, President and Founder of Unhurried Living, Author of An Unhurried Life

“I have known Jon for over 30 years and he has always been dedicated to nurturing depth and facilitating transformation in followers of Christ. His genuine care and gentle challenges to grow flow through both his speaking and singing ministries. Spend any amount of time with Jon and you will be touched by his ministry. More than that, you will be moved to connect more deeply with Christ.”
Jana Sundene, Associate Professor of Christian Ministries, Trinity International University, Author of Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults

“I have known Jon, grown thru Jon and ministered with Jon for over 40 years. HIs richness comes from his long times of communion with His Lord. The impact of His life, songs and teaching are transformational for they occur thru the activity of the Holy Spirit. His communication breadth extends from youth thru older adults. I highly recommended his Press Pause Ministries. Pressing Pause will be a significant time of refreshment, renewal and direction in your life.”
Dr. Chuck Miller, President, Barnabas Inc., Author of The Spiritual Formation of Leaders

Receiving Time As A Gift

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” Eccelsiates 3:1

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Eccelsiates 3:11

I am fascinated by the various rhythms of my life and how they are received, realized and also managed. These rhythms, more often than not, have to do with time and its usage. I get into patterns and practices that to some degree define my usage of time. They are, for the most part, comfortable patterns and practices that I have either fallen into by default in a desire for life to be pleasant, or intentional rhythms I have deemed useful and life enhancing. Included in these rhythms are spiritual rhythms, as well. Most, if not all of them, I’ve grown to take for granted and I find comfort in their uninterrupted regularity.

But I also have become aware that certain experiences I like to prolong, while others I tend to avoid, depending on whether they make me feel good or not. What I am often doing in my choices to prolong or avoid certain experiences is to manage the time I have. The less desirable experiences I just want to get done quickly, while the more desirable experiences I want to give more time to. This can lead at times to unhealthy patterns that circumvent the authentic rhythms I was created to experience in life.

These past few years have introduced a significant alteration in the established rhythms of my life. At the beginning of 2019 my wife experienced a stroke that left her without a great deal of function in her left arm, hand and leg. She still could think and communicate well, so it could have been worse. I know that I cannot really imagine her experience, I can only try to identify as best I can. What I do know is that my life took on a new agenda regarding her care and how best to love her that I had not anticipated. This experience has altered the comfortable and familiar rhythms of my life in new ways.

Reading the Old Testament book of Ecclesiates the writer’s words have impacted my thinking about time and the appropriate rhythms of my life. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”. This statement has been a reminder that time has been designated in an appropriate manner for the wide variety of experiences one might have on this earth. Yet I am not the one who has determined and designated what is appropriate to the time, but the creator of the time, the seasons and the rhythms of life has given me each moment as a gift to be received. My error lies in the fact that I look at time as something to be managed, allotted and used in the ways I think are appropriate rather than realizing that someone with far greater wisdom knows the purpose of the time. In Ecclesiates 3 the writer lists a whole lot of things that I would prefer to avoid as having an appropriate time; things like death, uprooting, tearing down, mourning, giving up and throwing away. I’d much rather just give my time to seeing newborn babies than to realize that death awaits us all.

With this in mind, I am now faced with the prospect that the interruption of the comfortable rhythms of my life is the gift of time God has prepared for me presently. The key, like the writer of Ecclesiates says, is to find that “all things” are beautiful in this time. Rather than trying to escape the time or manage the time, I am encouraged to look for the beauty God has made in this time and receive that gift from Him.

As my wife continues to progress in the daily work of recovering the usage of her arm, hand and leg, I am faced with a different task, which is to find the beauty in this new rhythm and season we are experiencing together with the Lord. It is not easy to see, for I have defined beauty in such a narrow way. But God in His infinite wisdom is providing an opportunity to have my perspective and understanding of beauty, grace and goodness enlarged. This is a new season and God has provided the appropriate time to see His purpose accomplished in me, my wife and in our world.

As you consider this day and the season in which you presently find yourself, I wonder how you might experience the beauty imbedded by God that may be, as yet, unfamiliar. May you discover God’s beautiful gift of grace and transformation in this moment designed by our loving Creator. Here is a song to further your reflection.

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Tools for Life & Ministry

Visio Divina Ideas
Press presspause_icon_w now so that you might experience God’s transforming presence.



January 2019

January 6, 2019-Cornerstone Community Church, Chowchilla, CA, Preach and Sing
January 16-19, 2019-Journey Retreat-Paso Robles, CA, Teach, Lead Worship and Concert

February 2019

February 9, 2019- Press Pause Ministries “Be Still” Day Retreat, Modesto, CA, Teach
February 10, 2019-Escalon Presbyterian Church, Escalon, CA., Music

March 2019

March 16-17, 2019-Valley Church, Cupertino, CA-“Be Still” Day Retreat, Saturday Evening Concert, Lead Sunday Worship

April 2019

May 2019

May 7-10, 2019-Journey Retreat, Pine Springs Retreat Center, Mountain Center, CA.-Teach and Lead worship
May 18, 2019-Press Pause Ministries “Be Still” day retreat, Modesto, CA, Teach

June 2019

June 30,2019-Escalon Presbyterian Church, 10:30 AM Worship & special music, Escalon, CA

July 2019

July 21, 2019-Cornerstone Community Church, Chowchilla, CA-AM Worship Service, Preach and Sing,
July 24, 2019-Middleburg Free Grace Reformed Church-Orange City Iowa-Wednesday Evening House Concert
July 26, 2019-Orchard Hill Church, Grundy Center, IA, Friday Evening House Concert
July 28, 2019-GracePoint Church, New Brighton, MN, Morning Service-Preach and Sing

August 2019

August 2, 2019-Rhythm of Grace, Prairie Ridge, KS- Friday Evening House Concert/Cantus Divina
August 24, 2019-Press Pause Ministries “Be Still” Day Retreat 9AM-4PM-Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, CA
August 25, 2019-Santiago House Concert, 6:30 PM-Arroyo Grande, CA

September 2019

September 13, 2019-Stephan House Concert, 6 PM- San Mateo, CA

October 2019

October 1-4, 2019-TLI Journey Retreat, Pine Springs Ranch, Mountain Center, CA-Teach/Worship
October 13, 2019-Escalon Presbyterian Church 10:30AM Worship Service-Preach/Sing
October 27, 2019-Escalon Presbyterian Church 4PM-6PM-Teach on Healthy Spiritual Rhythms

November 2019

November 2, 2019-Press Pause Ministries “Be Still” day retreat 9AM-4PM-Modesto, CA

December 2019

December 8, 2019-Press Pause Ministries Christmas Gathering-Modesto, CA-Teach/Sing

January 2020

January 19, 2020-First Presbyterian Church Upton-Upton, CA-Sing in Worship Service.
January 26, 2020-Escalon Presbyterian Church-Escalon, CA-Evening Concert 6:30 PM

February 2020

February 1, 2020-Press Pause Ministries “Be Still” day retreat 9AM-4PM-Modesto, CA
February 2, 2020-Escalon Presbyterian Church-Escalon, CA-Worship Morning Service

March 2020

Due to the Pandemic most in person ministry dates were postponed or cancelled.

April 2020

Due to the Pandemic most in person ministry dates were postponed or cancelled.

May 2020

Due to the Pandemic most in person ministry dates were postponed or cancelled.
May 16, 2020-Press Pause Ministries Virtual “Be Still” Day Retreat, 9AM-4PM

June 2020

Due to the Pandemic most in person ministry dates were postponed or cancelled.

July 2020

Due to the Pandemic most in person ministry dates were postponed or cancelled.
July 19, 2020-Southside Community Church-Preach & Sing

August 2020

Due to the Pandemic most in person ministry dates were postponed or cancelled.
August 22, 2020-Press Pause Ministries Virtual “Be Still” Day Retreat, 9AM-4PM

September 2020

Lectio Divina at Noon-Every Thursday from 12PM until 1PM on Zoom

October 2020

Lectio Divina at Noon-Every Thursday from 12PM until 1PM on Zoom
Various Spiritual Direction Appointments-Weekly
October 4, 2020-Escalon Presbyterian Church-assist as musician in worship service
October 11, 2020-Escalon Presbyterian Church-assist as musician in worship service
October 18, 2020-Escalon Presbyterian Church-assist as musician in worship service

November 2020

Lectio Divina at Noon-Every Thursday from 12PM until 1PM on Zoom
Various Spiritual Direction Appointments-Weekly
November 14, 2020-Press Pause Ministries Virtual “Be Still” Day Retreat on Zoom, 9AM-4PM

December 2020

Lectio Divina at Noon-Every Thursday from 12PM until 1PM on Zoom
Various Spiritual Direction Appointments-Weekly
December 27, 2020-Southside Community Church-Preach & Sing Morning


Send a check payable to Jon Byron for the price of the CD plus $2 shipping and handling. Please mail your check to: Jon Byron, 4413 Touraine Parc Lane, Modesto, CA 95356. Or you can order at or Itunes.


All I Really Need – $15

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“Be Still”


Holy Dance – $15

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“The Rustling Of The Leaves”


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“I Turn To You”


This Heart Of Mine

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“The Wind That Blows”

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